I think every teacher in the universe has felt like this during at least one PD.

How Administrators Can Wage War on Bad PD

So I shared a bit ago about how one of the bad guys that’s driving teachers nuts these days is bad PD. Okay, driving them nuts is an understatement. Just ask a teacher. And while leading some PD a couple weeks ago in the fine states of Oklahoma and Missouri, I started thinking of this […]

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This is the magical part.

I’m Not Kidding. This is the Best I Got.

Welcome to the best posts and videos here on the Teaching the Core blog. I have over 150 posts that will help you understand, evaluate, and implement literacy, Common Core and otherwise, in your classroom. It’s pretty difficult to filter through and figure out what you should read, so I decided to do the hard work and […]

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A Non-Freaked Out, Focused Approach to the Common Core — Part 6 — Write Like Crazy

One of the biggest bang-for-your-buck Common Core standards is W.CCR.10, which basically says, “Write frequently for many reasons.” And the amazing thing about writing is that it achieves so many things simultaneously. For example, in the “Writing to Read” meta-analysis report, researchers found positive effect sizes for all kinds of writing, ranging from the mundane […]

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Waging War on the Bad Guys

I recently had the privilege and pleasure of traveling to two beautiful towns — Harrah, Oklahoma and Lebanon, Missouri — and speaking to two beautiful groups of teachers about the non-freaked out approach to the Common Core that we in the Teaching the Core movement have been working on over the past year. On my […]

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Germany and Long-term Student Flourishing

Within 12 hours, I’ll be on a plane bound for Germany, all thanks to an awesome study tour fellowship through the Transatlantic Outreach Program (if you teach any area of social studies, you need to look into this). But before embarking on this two week adventure, I’d like to share some questions I’m holding that […]

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Pabs, our Mexican son, is the tall, handsome one.

Dave’s Summer 2013 Reading List

Wow, this year has flown. Last Friday, I walked out of my school for the last time this school year. (This morning, I will re-enter it for world history curriculum work, but let’s ignore that for a moment.) The beginning of summer means, to me, the beginning of some semblance of reflective leisure. Sure, this […]

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