Don’t You Dare Forget These Truths about Teaching

In my last post (you know, the one from two months ago), I shared some similarities between the Common Core’s list of college and career readiness skills in literacy with the skills listed in Bill Coplin’s book 10 Things Employers Want You to Learn in College. In my next post, I’m going to give that post’s […]

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12 Skills the Common Core AND Employers Want

The Common Core is a set of goals aimed at college and career readiness. This we know. But do the anchor standards really correlate to what employers want? Quite a bit, according to 10 Things Employers Want You to Learn in College. So what, according to Coplin, should people entering the workforce be able to do, […]

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9 Complex Text Resources I’m Pretty Pumped About Right Now

Recently, there’s been a trend in the messages I’ve received from the stellar stock of humanity known as you, the Teaching the Core readership (btw, if you ever need to contact me, just use this link — it goes straight to my inbox). Here’s what I’ve been receiving: life-improving, useful resources for 1) finding complex texts for […]

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Going a Bit Deeper with the They Say / I Say Two-Paragraph Template

Two posts ago, I introduced Graff/Birkenstein’s two-paragraph They Say / I Say template I’ve been requiring my students to use in response to our argumentative Articles of the Week (and, by the way, articles of the week are the original idea of Kelly Gallagher). And as a disclaimer, I’m about to nerd out pretty heavily on […]

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