The Only 100 Words You Need to Read Today

Dominating life or the CCSS with your students is all about starting. Edublogs and opinions abound; none of them can try something bold in your classroom. That’s all I’m writing this week. Instead of reading anything else online today, go and do something that needs done. Plan that one daring step that’s been nagging at […]

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I've received crazy amounts of books for my students through Donors Choose.

How to Dominate Your Common Core Supply Needs with

So you’re eager to challenge your students, Common Core style, with some challenging, complex texts. Or you’re having students debate, but you’d like to get a Flip camera to record them for feedback. Or you’d like some paper. (I’ve taught in that school, too.) The problem is, schools have budgets, and, too often, they don’t […]

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How Administrators Can Wage War on Bad PD

So I shared a bit ago about how one of the bad guys that’s driving teachers nuts these days is bad PD. Okay, driving them nuts is an understatement. Just ask a teacher. And while leading some PD a couple weeks ago in the fine states of Oklahoma and Missouri, I started thinking of this […]

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A Non-Freaked Out, Focused Approach to the Common Core — Part 6 — Write Like Crazy

One of the biggest bang-for-your-buck Common Core standards is W.CCR.10, which basically says, “Write frequently for many reasons.” And the amazing thing about writing is that it achieves so many things simultaneously. For example, in the “Writing to Read” meta-analysis report, researchers found positive effect sizes for all kinds of writing, ranging from the mundane […]

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