What Texts Does the Common Core REQUIRE Students to Read?

Although the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are rife with suggested texts and text types, there are several parenthetical remarks within the grade-specific reading standards that aren’t examples; they are to be included. Required titles RI.11-12.9 — that is, the ninth standard within the Reading Informational texts strand for grades 11 and 12 — is […]

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Going Big on Argument with the Article of the Week

Here’s the issue: My kids begin the year pretty darn bad at determining what an author’s central claim is, especially when it doesn’t come in the first paragraph. I’m not blaming this on my kids or on their previous teachers–this is hard work. And yet it’s also critical work if my students are find any […]

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Can a text be inherently worth reading, even if it wilts your soul?

Calling all readers! Bring your friends, bring your students, and answer this simple question in the comments. (This is a great warm-up activity for your students, by the way.) Do you agree with the following statement? “If some curriculum guide you were handed says ‘This Text Was Deemed To Be Close Reading Worthy’ but you […]

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What are you struggling with in your classroom right now?

This post is short and simple and mega important. September is behind us, and the school year is officially in warp speed mode. Looking back on your first month or so of school, I have a big question for you. What are you struggling with in your classroom right now? I’ve been plugging along myself with […]

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