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Three Great Points in Erik Palmer’s “Effective Communication” Video

I’ve written about Erik Palmer’s work before (remember PVLEGS?), and I’m working through his latest book Teaching the Core Skills of Listening and Speaking. But recently, I found something else of his that’s totally free and pretty powerful. It’s a video called “Effective Communication,” and while I’d encourage you to click here to watch it yourself, I […]

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In this post, I'll emphasize why "grow" is a key word in the non-freaked out approach to literacy instruction, or just instruction period.

For Noncognitive Skill Development, Start with Growth Mindset — Here’s How

In my last post, I wrote that us literacy educators are wise to treat noncognitive skill development seriously and systematically; the research supporting them is too overwhelming to do less than choose the noncogs we want to aim for in our classrooms and then concertedly pursue their growth in ourselves and our students. In this post, I’d like to […]

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Alexis Speaking in Front of Do Hard Things

Literacy Educators: Let’s Get Serious about Noncognitive Skills

The Common Core does a pretty good job of laying out some key cognitive skills students need to be ready for the literacy demands of career or college. Granted, we need to reduce the standards into a simpler, more power-packed set of focused literacy priorities (the non-freaked out approach being one possible example) if we’re going to truly see literacy instruction expand in […]

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