Tools for Solving Your Educator Problems

Over the past few years, I’ve put together a few resources to help teachers toward better, saner teaching. 

NeverFinished-3d-coverI got into this job to make an impact, but I’m on the highway to burnout. Help!

Ask any teacher you know why they became a teacher.

You’ll hear lots of answers, but here are some you won’t hear:

  • I wanted to get great teacher evaluation scores!
  • I was hoping to focus all of my energy on the test results of my students!

Yet how many of us sometimes feel like our jobs have been reduced to these things?

I don’t think it has to be this way; in this downloadable, printable ebook, I explain why.

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davestuartjr06I need a simple, effective way to get more kids engaged more of the time

This Pay What You Want package contains a reproducible and editable student handout, an annotated slideshow of sample slides I use when facilitating pop-up debate in my class, three videos of students and me engaging in various parts of the pop-up debate routine, and an annotated list of “teacher tips and tricks” that I’ve put together over the past two years of tweaking this strategy.

Basically, it’s a smorgasbord of awesome, and it’s yours for whatever you think it’s worth. Let me know how you like it!

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Guide to Classroom Resource DonationsI lack classroom resources and it’s demotivating to always buy them myself

This Pay What You Want ebook contains an exhaustive overview of how I’ve received over $9,000 worth of classroom supplies over the past few years, and it shows step-by-step how you can get started. I wrote this ebook because I am tired of teachers burning themselves (and their families!) out by constantly spending their own money on the supplies they need to create an excellent, memorable, exciting classroom.

I also wrote this ebook because many of the things I do in my classroom that incorporate the Common Core have, in some way or another, been shaped by the resources I’ve received for my classroom. Things like increasing student access to complex texts cost money, and this book shows how to get over the dollar hurdle.

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Some of the Top Books that Have Shaped My Teaching

I’m not one of those teachers who can read 100 professional development books each year. Well, I can–but it doesn’t stick. All it does is stresses me out.

So of the relatively few books I’ve read and re-read, these 5 have had the greatest impact on who I am as a teacher and thus how I write for this blog. I would recommend creating an argumentative resource request to get these; if that fails, I’d even spend my own money for them (gasp). They are that freaking good.

common-core-close-reading-schmoker argument-debate-common-core readicide-gallagher common-core-rafe-esquith how-children-succeed-paul-tough-2

Articles of the Week

This one, simple routine has a gigantic impact on my students’ achievement. I first learned of it from Kelly Gallagher, so below you’ll find a list of my AoWs (along with an explanation), and a list of his.